Prize Claims at Lottery Claim Centers Temporarily Unavailable

9/22/23: Our warrant printing system has been updated, so prizes can be claimed again at all Lottery Claim Centers. Thank you for your patience.


Due to an update to the warrant printing system, Nebraska Lottery Claim Centers will not be able to process prize claims starting on September 19, 2023.

If you have a winning ticket, sign the back and keep it in a secure place until you can claim your prize. You can also drop off your signed ticket and a claim form at any Nebraska Lottery Claim Center and receive your payment after the update is done. Another option is to mail your ticket and claim form to:

Nebraska Lottery Prize Claim
P.O. Box 95145
Lincoln, NE 68509-5145

We understand the inconvenience this will cause and are working to complete the update as soon as possible. More information will be shared on and our social media channels as soon as we receive it.

For more details on how to claim Nebraska Lottery prizes, please click here.

Published on 09/18/2023