COVID-19 and Nebraska Lottery Operations

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency continues, the Nebraska Lottery is monitoring the situation closely. We put the safety of our customers, retailers and staff first. During this ever-changing time, we want everyone to be aware of how we are responding to the COVID-19 situation.

  • Nebraska Lottery participation in public events is limited.
  • Lottery Claim Centers are open for in-person claims, but may have limited hours. Winners are encouraged to limit the number of people accompanying them when claiming to maintain social distancing. Click here for claim center locations and hours.
  • We encourage players with prizes up to $19,999 to claim by mail. Claiming by mail is secure and our staff will work to process mailed claims in a timely manner. Please consider sending your claim via certified mail to verify delivery.
    • For prizes up to $500, complete the back of the ticket and mail to: Nebraska Lottery Prize Claim, P.O. Box 95145, Lincoln, NE 68509-5145.
    • For prizes over $500:
      • Sign and complete the back of the ticket
      • Fill out a claim form
      • Include a copy of your Driver’s License or another form of photo ID
      • Mail the ticket, claim form and photo ID copy to: Nebraska Lottery Prize Claim, P.O. Box 95145, Lincoln, NE 68509-5145
    • Click here for complete information on claiming prizes.
  • Prizes up to $500 can be claimed at lottery retailers, but will be subject to retailer policies and business hours.
  • Lottery drawings will continue as scheduled.

While Nebraska Lottery tickets can still be purchased during the coronavirus pandemic, we encourage Lottery players to play it safe during this health emergency.

  • Maintain social distance: put at least 6 feet of space between you and other customers when waiting in line.
  • Buy quick picks or use play slips: to save time at the counter ask for quick pick plays. If you want to play your own numbers, use your own pen to fill out a play slip instead of telling the clerk your numbers.
  • Use the Check-A-Ticket or mobile app: scan your tickets with the Check-A-Ticket machine or the Nebraska Lottery mobile app to identify winning tickets before turning them in for payment.
  • Consider multi-draw tickets: you can purchase your Lotto numbers for up to 12 weeks of drawings with a multi-draw ticket. Multi-draws help you cut down on trips to a retailer and ensure you'll never miss a drawing. To purchase a multi-draw ticket, check one of the common draw selections on a play slip or tell the clerk the number of drawings you want to buy.
  • Claim prizes by mail: prizes up to $19,999 can be claimed by mail.
  • Play responsibly: set a limit for yourself and make sure to use money that you set aside for entertainment purchases.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will post updates on and our social media channels.

Published on 03/17/2020