Facebook Connect for MVP Club Accounts

Log in with Facebook exampleThe Nebraska Lottery is excited to offer our MVP Club members a new way to sign in to their accounts at nelottery.com. Now you can link your MVP Club and Facebook accounts and log in to the MVP Club using your Facebook credentials.

To link your accounts, log in to your MVP Club account using your existing username and password, and then click on “Update My Profile.” Check the box at the bottom left side of the page to link your accounts. You’ll be prompted to log in at Facebook and give permission to access your information. After linking your accounts, you will be able to log in using either your Facebook or MVP Club logins.

If you have any problems linking your accounts, contact the Nebraska Lottery at lottery@nelottery.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have access to my Facebook password?

No. When you log in using Facebook, your information is authenticated with the Facebook platform, not the Nebraska Lottery. We do not collect your Facebook password.

What permissions are required to log in with Facebook?

To use the Facebook login feature, we require access to your Facebook personal profile and birthdate. These permissions are needed to verify your identity and age. The required permissions do not allow us to make changes to your Facebook account or post to Facebook on your behalf.

Can I still log in with my MVP Club username and password?

Yes, you may log in with either your MVP Club or Facebook credentials after linking your accounts.

Can I link multiple Facebook accounts to my MVP Club account, or link multiple MVP Club accounts to my Facebook account?

Only one Facebook account can be linked to an MVP Club account. If you change Facebook accounts, you must deactivate Facebook login in your MVP Club profile and then link the new Facebook account.

Published on 01/02/2015