EFT Payment Option Available for Nebraska Lottery Winners

A new convenience is now available for Nebraska Lottery winners: deposit of prizes directly to your bank account via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Prizes of $100,000 or more can be deposited directly into a designated bank account if desired.  All that is required is a cancelled check containing a bank routing number and account number. Nebraska Lottery staff and the State of Nebraska will arrange a secure and convenient deposit of your prize. The process will take a few days but eliminates the need to wait for a deposit to clear with a paper warrant. Banks often conduct their own independent verification of paper warrants, which can result in deposit and withdrawal delays.

A completed Nebraska Lottery claim form is still required to claim a winning ticket, and personal identification such as a driver’s license will be verified upon submission. Appropriate taxes and child support withholding are handled according to state law for all Nebraska Lottery prizes.

Lottery prizes with a net payment of $250,000 or more must be paid by EFT. Prizes of $500 or less can still be redeemed at Nebraska Lottery retailers.

Click here for more information on claiming Nebraska Lottery prizes.

Published on 09/21/2022