Omaha Man Wins $50,000 Playing Triple Tripler

Christopher Sims

Christopher Sims of Omaha won $50,000 playing the Triple Tripler Scratch ticket from the Nebraska Lottery.

Sims bought his winning ticket at Anderson Convenience Market at 9501 South 145th Street in Omaha.

When he claimed his prize on November 8 Sims said that he’d scanned his ticket before scratching it and saw that it said to bring it to the Nebraska Lottery offices, but left it unscratched and headed to work, thinking he’d won $1,000.

“I got to work and told the boss and he told me to scratch it,” Sims said. “I did and it was crazy.”

Sims said that the win came at a good time because his car was recently totaled in a crash. He’s planning to buy a new vehicle and put some into savings for his three year old son. Sims, like all Nebraska Lottery big winners got a free lottery t-shirt, which he’s planning to use to tell his fiancé about the win.

“I’m going to give her the Winner shirt for Christmas,” Sims said. “That should really surprise her.”

As a $5 Scratch game, Triple Tripler offers players a chance to win prizes from $5 to $50,000. The chances of winning $50,000 are one in 160,000, while the odds of winning any prize are one in 3.24.

Published on 11/08/2018