Iowa Woman Wins $1,000 Playing Winter White Ice

Tammy Putnam

Tammy Putnam of Glenwood, Iowa won $1,000 playing Winter White Ice from the Nebraska Lottery.  

Putnam purchased the winning ticket at Kwik Shop, 502 West Mission Avenue in Bellevue.

This is the second time Putnam has claimed a prize for Winter White Ice. She previously won $1,000 November 18. Coincidentally, she bought both winning tickets at the same Kwik Shop in Bellevue.

Putnam told Lotter officials that despite winning before, it was just as exciting the second time with her heart racing when she learned she had won the second prize.

After winning the first $1,000 prize, Putnam planned a trip to Branson, Missouri with her family. They had the date picked but were considering waiting when Putnam bought another ticket. She said that if she lost they would postpone the trip but if she won they would keep their original plans. Luckily, Branson doesn’t have to wait.

As a $10 Scratch game from the Nebraska Lottery, Winter White Ice offers players the chance to win cash prizes from $10 to $20,000. The odds of winning $1,000 playing Winter White Ice are 1 in 7,500 while the odds of winning a prize of any kind are 1 in 3.03. 

Published on 01/12/2017