Ashton Man Wins $20,000 Playing Winter White Ice

Steven Glinsmann

Steven Glinsman of Ashton won a total of $20,000 playing Winter White Ice from the Nebraska Lottery.

Glinsman purchased the winning ticket at Casey’s General Store, 3428 West Capitol Avenue in Grand Island.

While claiming his prize December 29, Glinsman told Lottery officials that he was not entirely sure he had a winner until inspecting the ticket further. “I had to do about a triple take,” he said.

The winning ticket was the second ticket Glisnman played after the ticket he had played immediately prior was a non-winner.

As a $10 Scratch game from the Nebraska Lottery, Winter White Ice offers players the chance to win cash prizes from $10 to $20,000. The odds of winning $20,000 playing Winter White Ice are 1 in 30,000 while the overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.03.

Published on 01/11/2017