Summer 2023 Lottery Times Contest Winners Selected

Each issue of The Lottery Times includes a variety of articles about winners, games and the work of Nebraska Lottery beneficiary funds. Readers of The Lottery Times also have the opportunity to win coupons for free tickets by entering a fun contest.

In the Summer 2023 issue, readers were asked to identify seven words in a crossword puzzle. For each of the words correctly identified, readers won eight coupons, one for a free $1 Scratch ticket and one for each of the seven Nebraska Lottery Lotto games. Here are the results of the September 29, 2023, drawing:

Seven Words

Diane Palmer, Seward
Rita Peshek, Hastings
Sue Blomenberg, Seward
Nancy Armstrong, Ogallala
Helen Vculek, Fairbury
Glenda Yost, Omaha
Paula Mullin, Kearney
Ruth Arens, Hartington
Billie Frosheiser, Lincoln
Dave Kamprath, Lincoln
Tatjana Sutej, Omaha
Mary Watson, Omaha
Brian Von Seggern, Wisner
Judy Rico, Omaha
Ron Rosno, Columbus
Rhonda Cox, Alliance
Shirley Echtenkamp, Cairo
Steve France, Falls City
Leigh Perez, Omaha
Anastacia Pekich, Lincoln
Dianne Armour, Ogallala
June Wagner, Norfolk


Six Words

Arlene Gettert, Newman Grove
Marjorie Hampton, La Vista
Larry Heiman, Yutan

Published on 09/29/2023