10X Bingo Multiplier Play Style Change

10X Bingo Multiplier ticket

Update: $3 10X Bingo Multiplier (game #1287) began shipping to retailers the week of July 3, 2023. The play style of this game returns to the previous style where all 32 CALLER’S CARD and BONUS NUMBERS appear at least once in the bingo cards on a ticket.


The Nebraska Lottery has received feedback about a recent change in the new 10X Bingo Multiplier Scratch game (game #1244).

$3 10X Bingo Multiplier is one of our most popular Scratch games, and we understand the concerns our players have about changes to the game. In this article, we’ll explore what changed, what we are doing to address the issue, and our plan for developing future Bingo games based on feedback from our players.


Several players have reported purchasing $3 10X Bingo Multiplier tickets in which some numbers from the CALLER’S CARD and BONUS NUMBERS sections do not appear in any of the BINGO CARDS on the ticket.

All 10X Bingo Multiplier tickets are designed with a parameter that requires at least 25 of the 32 CALLER’S CARD numbers and BONUS NUMBERS to appear in at least one spot on any BINGO CARD. This means that up to seven of these numbers may not appear at all in the BINGO CARDS on a ticket. In previous 10X Bingo Multiplier games, the parameter was met by making every CALLER’S CARD number and BONUS NUMBER appear at least once in the BINGO CARDS.

The most-recent edition of 10X Bingo Multiplier (game #1244) was created by our Scratch ticket vendor, International Game Technology (IGT), using a new programming system. In this game, the parameters were the same, allowing for up to seven CALLER’S CARD numbers or BONUS NUMBERS that do not appear in the BINGO CARDS on a ticket. However, in this instance the parameter was met by having anywhere between 25 and 32 of those numbers appear, rather than all 32 numbers, which is what most players are accustomed to.

The change was the result of switching to the new programming system. It is not an error or a misprint. There never was a game parameter requiring all the CALLER’S CARD numbers and BONUS NUMBERS on a ticket to appear at least once in the BINGO CARDS, but $3 bingo Scratch games traditionally had been programmed that way with the legacy system.

Despite the change, the chances of winning a prize playing 10X Bingo Multiplier are the same as before. The prizes and the number of winning tickets in the latest 10X Bingo Multiplier game are identical to the previous version of the game, so the odds of winning have not changed. For reference, you can view the prize structure for the 10X Bingo Multiplier (game #1244) and the previous 10X Bingo Multiplier (game #1164) on our website using the links below.

What’s Next

We understand how important a Scratch game like $3 10X Bingo Multiplier is for many of our players. The change in the latest 10X Bingo Multiplier game was inadvertent, and we appreciate the feedback we have received.

While the change does not affect your odds of winning, we know that people purchase Bingo tickets not only to win prizes but for the overall experience of playing the game. Unfortunately, the latest 10X Bingo Multiplier game does not meet those expectations. As a result, we will close 10X Bingo Multiplier (game #1244) and print a new game using the previous play style. We anticipate the new 10X Bingo Multiplier game will arrive in stores in mid-July.

Starting on June 7, 2023, Nebraska Lottery retailers will start removing packs of 10X Bingo Multiplier (game #1244) from their display units. Any winning tickets can be redeemed until December 4, 2023.

Published on 06/06/2023