Winter 2022 Lottery Times Contest Winners Selected

Each issue of The Lottery Times includes a variety of articles about winners, games and the work of Nebraska Lottery beneficiary funds. Readers of The Lottery Times also have the opportunity to win coupons for free tickets by entering a fun contest.

In the Winter 2022 issue, readers were asked to identify seven words in a crossword puzzle. For each of the words correctly identified, readers won eight coupons, one for a free $1 Scratch ticket and one for each of the seven Nebraska Lottery Lotto games. Here are the results of the March 24, 2023, drawing:


Seven Words

Darin Boatman, Cowels

Deo Savala, Gering

Diane Palmer, Seward

Stephanie McClure, Plattsmouth

Larry Pfeiffer, Lincoln

John Sutej, Omaha

Olivia Peshek, Hastings

Gage Bond, Clarkson

Steven Rech, David City

Sue Blomenberg, Seward

Noel Ray Jr., Lincoln

Kevin Scribner, Hastings

Doreen Berglund, Grand Island

Scott Harmon, Trumbull

Mary Beth Holland, Omaha

Linda Bowman, Lincoln


Six Words

Nyla Stueckrath, Norfolk

Dave Kamprath, Lincoln

Barbara Bundy, Bellevue

Marjorie Hampton, La Vista

Curtis Fry, Grand Island

Holly Kamprath, Lincoln

Arlene Gettert, Newman Grove

KC Larson, Jackson

James Tannehill, Norfolk

Published on 03/24/2023