2023 Truck$ & Buck$ Delayed

Image of a blue Ford F-150 truck and a red stoplight with Truck$& Buck$ Scratch tickets. Image text: We're waiting for the green light! Truck$ & Buck$ is delayed, for the moment.The 2023 Truck$ & Buck$ Scratch game has been delayed until the prize trucks are completed.

High demand for new vehicles has delayed the delivery of the prize trucks for this year’s Truck$ & Buck$ Scratch game. The eight Ford F-150 trucks purchased for the game have been scheduled for assembly but not yet delivered.

We know that our players look forward to the return of Truck$ & Buck$ every year, and we’re committed to launch the game as soon as the prize trucks are ready. We will post additional information about Truck$ & Buck$ on nelottery.com and the Nebraska Lottery social media channels when it becomes available.

Published on 01/23/2023