Request for Proposals for Advertising and Marketing Services

(issued December 1, 2021)

The Nebraska Lottery is seeking competitive proposals from qualified Vendors for a full-service advertising agency to work collaboratively as a partner in producing successful advertising and marketing services for all aspects of the Nebraska Lottery.  Contractor responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic advertising and promotional planning;
  • Advertising and promotional creative planning, production and execution;
  • Media planning and execution;
  • Direct Marketing consultation and execution including management of the relationship marketing contract;
  • Marketing planning assistance;
  • Shared responsibility for cost control;
  • Promotion and events planning and execution;
  • Public Relations consultation, counsel and execution;
  • Evaluation and recommendation of promotions and sponsorships, including sponsorship management;
  • Research consultation, preparation and analysis;
  • Website and social media content development; and
  • Experiential Marketing planning and execution.

The Contractor’s primary responsibility is to develop and implement advertising programs following the direction provided by the Nebraska Lottery.  A more detailed listing of required services can be found in Part III of this RFP (Scope of Services and Requirements.)  The Nebraska Lottery traditionally includes the Contractor in all phases of marketing planning and idea generation to provide the Contractor with as much information as possible, and to benefit from the Contractor’s experience, creativity, and knowledge.  In addition to account managers, staff members whose expertise is in creative development, media, promotion, and research regularly participate in planning sessions.  

Any Vendor who is considering bidding on this RFP should notify Jill Marshall ( to be placed on an interested party list by December 8, 2021. Notification must include the company name, contact name, and contact email address. This will ensure notification of any RFP related information, including answers to vendor written questions.

In Part I (B)(2) of the RFP the signup deadline for the interested party list is stated as December 8, 2022. The correct date is December 8, 2021.

RFP Structure

There will only be one phase to this RFP. Selected vendors after initial scoring will be invited to present to the RFP committee and will be considered finalists for the awarding of a contract.

The successful bidder will be notified by April 1, 2022, and the contract will take effect on July 1, 2022.

It is suggested that potential Vendors read this RFP in its entirety to better understand the bid process, the scope of services and capabilities the Nebraska Lottery is seeking in its advertising agency (or agencies) of record, and the requirements that the advertising agency must adhere.

The RFP itself is divided into six parts:

Part I: Bidding Process is meant to explain the timelines, contract terms, proposal procedures and processes. 

Part II:  Nebraska Lottery Overview is meant to provide an overview of the Nebraska Lottery, our products and our sales.  We suggest that is also a great source for further information. 

Part III:  Scope of Services and Requirements is meant to provide a solid overview of the types of services the Nebraska Lottery is seeking in issuing this RFP. 

Part IV: Bidder Capability Statement is a listing of all the questions that each Vendor/agency must answer and the listing of requirements that must be answered and submitted.

Part V:  Pricing is the section in which participants will list their proposed compensation. 

Part VI:  Terms and Conditions is meant to list the legal considerations, contractual obligations and procedures under which the Nebraska Lottery operates and to which the Vendors must adhere.

Any interested bidder wishing to be considered for this contract award must submit a Bidder Capability Statement and Pricing Bid, which is Part IV and V of this RFP, on or before 10 a.m. on Thursday, February 24, 2022.

As used in this RFP, Contractor means a Vendor that has been awarded a contract by the Nebraska Lottery as a result of a proposal submitted pursuant to this RFP, and includes any parent or subsidiary entity of the Contractor, the agents and employees of the Contractor, parent, or subsidiary entity, and any subcontractor and its agents and employees. 

Vendor means any person or entity that has submitted a proposal to the Nebraska Lottery pursuant to this RFP.

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Published on 11/29/2021