Help for Problem Gambling is Available

Gambling can be an enjoyable source of entertainment for many people. But for some people, gambling can be addictive.

Assistance with problem gambling is available via the Nebraska Problem Gamblers Assistance Program. If you decide you could use the help of confidential, professional counseling with a certified problem gambling counselor, the State of Nebraska pays the full cost of counseling for Nebraskans and their families. Working with a trained counselor helped 92% of Nebraska clients reduce their gambling, and 78% reduced their gambling debt.

Removing gambling as a barrier in your life comes in stages:

  • Stage 1: You still gamble and you want to keep gambling, but it has come to your attention that your gambling is causing problems.
  • Stage 2: You see that your gambling has a downside, but do not want to have to give it up to make positive changes.
  • Stage 3: You have taken an honest look at your gambling. You have talked to people you trust, and decided that gambling needs to take a back seat to things that matter. Gambling has become the center of your life, and you want control back.
  • Stage 4: You have decided to take action to reduce or stop gambling. You take a hard-nosed look at your gambling. This stage takes time as you plan how you want to address your gambling with actions that work for you.
  • Stage 5: You make short-term goals of six or more months to maintain success with your goals. You expect to slip up – it is part of meeting your goal. You work hard with the help of family and friends.

You and your counselor can develop an individual, realistic plan that includes safe and comfortable withdrawal from the gambling behavior you want to change, motivation to remember the reason you want to change, the skills to be successful, and the methods and strategies for actions that measure your progress.


GAP HELP LINE: 833-BETOVER (238-6837)

Published on 02/11/2020