Norfolk Man Wins $30,000 Playing Sparkling 7s

Kenneth Unger

Kenneth Unger of Norfolk won $30,000 playing the Sparkling 7s Scratch game from the Nebraska Lottery.

Unger purchased his winning ticket at Merchant’s Convenience Stores at 314 Omaha Avenue in Norfolk back in November but waited until late January to claim the top prize.

“We were keeping it secret,” he said.

Unger and his wife Sandy Unger claimed the prize on January 31 at the Nebraska Lottery’s Lincoln offices. Unger said he’s a regular player, but this is the first time he’s won.

He said he didn’t get too excited when he saw he’d won. He was sitting on the couch with Sandy at the time and had her take a look at it.

 “I thought he’d won $30,” Sandy said, “Then I saw it was $30,000. I said, “Oh good, you finally won!”

 The Ungers are planning on using some of the money to put in some new doors and cabinets at their house.

A $5 Scratch game, Sparkling 7s offers players a chance to win prizes from $5 to $30,000. The chances of winning $30,000 are one in 102,000, while the odds of winning any prize are one in 3.64.

Published on 02/04/2020