Bellevue Woman Wins $35,000 Playing Lucky Symbols Loteria

Barbara Nesbit

Barbara Nesbit of Bellevue won $35,000 playing the Lucky Symbols Loteria Scratch game from the Nebraska Lottery.

Nesbit purchased her winning ticket at Family Fare 788 at 1510 Harlan Drive in Bellevue.

When she claimed her prize at the Nebraska Lottery’s Lincoln offices, Nesbit said that when she told her husband he didn’t believe her. Even she had a hard time believing she’d won so much on a $3 Scratch ticket.

“I’m still shocked,” she said. “That’s awesome.”

Nesbit’s daughter is currently a junior at Creighton, so some of the winnings will help fund her education for senior year. She’s also planning on taking a trip with her husband.

As a $3 Scratch game, Lucky Symbols Loteria offers players a chance to win prizes from $3 to $35,000. The chances of winning $35,000 are one in 200,000, while the odds of winning any prize are one in 3.76.

Published on 02/13/2019