Lincoln Man Wins $54,000 Playing Nebraska Pick 5

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor won $54,000 playing Nebraska Pick 5 from the Nebraska Lottery.

Taylor purchased his winning ticket from Hy-Vee Gas at 7101 Pioneers Blvd. in Lincoln. The tickets contained the single quick pick play with the winning numbers 10, 14, 15, 20 and 38 from the September 14 drawing.

Early in the morning on November 28, Taylor went to a convenience store to scan a pile of Lotto tickets to see if there were any winners. There were some free tickets in the bunch, but when he scanned the winning ticket it told him to bring it to the Nebraska Lottery offices.

Without checking the numbers to see what he’d won, he brought it to the front desk at Lottery headquarters in Lincoln where he was told he hit the Pick 5 jackpot.

“I thought I’d won maybe $500,” Taylor said. “I’m in shock. It still hasn’t sunk in.”

Still reeling from the $54,000 win, Taylor said he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with the money yet, but wants to do something nice for his kids for Christmas.

Nebraska Pick 5 is Nebraska’s unique Lottery game: all the proceeds from Nebraska Pick 5 stay in Nebraska, and all the winning tickets are sold in Nebraska at Nebraska Lottery Lotto game retailers. The odds of winning the Nebraska Pick 5 jackpot, which starts at $50,000 and grows by $4,000 each drawing that is not won, are 1 in 501,942 while the overall odds of winning a prize in the game, which has drawings seven nights a week, are 1 in 8. Through the month of November, the Pick 5 Jackpot increases $10,000 every time it’s not won.

Published on 11/29/2018