West Point Man Wins $22,000 Playing 2by2

Daniel Franzluebbers

Daniel Franzluebbers of West Point won $22,000 playing 2by2 from the Nebraska Lottery.

Franzluebbers purchased his winning ticket from West Point Travel Plaza at 1716 N Lincoln Street in West Point. The ticket contained the winning Red ball numbers (04, 12) and White ball numbers (21, 25) from the September 27 drawing.

While at the Nebraska Lottery offices to claim his prize on October 2, Franzluebbers said that he about fell over when he found out he was a winner.

The clerk at the gas station where he checked his ticket invited him behind the counter to see what he’d won and offered him a chair when his legs got a little wobbly.

“He came home crying,” Franzluebbers’ wife Betty said. “I thought somebody died. Then he told me and both of us cried.”

Franzluebbers said that he’s a daily player of 2by2 and that the numbers he plays represent his anniversary as well as his and Betty’s birthdays. He also plays MyDaY and Pick 5 on a daily basis as well.

The Franzluebbers are planning to use some of their winnings to pay some bills and buy a new recliner for Betty.

He’s won the 2by2 jackpot, but Franzluebbers said he’ll definitely keep playing.

“You can’t expect to win if you don’t play,” he said. “I’ll have to play different numbers now though, I’m not that lucky.”

The odds of winning the 2by2 top prize are 1 in 105,625. The overall odds of winning any prize in 2by2, which is also offered in Kansas and North Dakota, are 1 in 3.59.

Published on 10/02/2018