Lincoln Man Wins $33,600 Playing Nebraska Pick 3

Timothy Horn

Timothy Horn of Lincoln won $33,600 playing Nebraska Pick 3 from the Nebraska Lottery.  

To win this prize, Horn purchased 56 plays of the numbers 2, 1, and 7 for the June 6 Nebraska Pick 3 drawing. The Straight bet type was the selected on each of the 56 plays, winning Horn $600 on each for a total of $33,600.

Horn has been a long time player of Nebraska Pick 3 and has won before using the birthdates of both his sons and father. His most recent win came through the numbers corresponding with the birthday of his youngest son.

When he claimed his prize June 7, Horn told Lottery officials that the win was something he had thought of often. “It feels pretty good, I will pay some bills and look at getting a new car. My son starts UNL in the fall – there is just lot of things you can do,” he said. “Yesterday it was just a dream and today, I can do it.”

Nebraska Pick 3 was introduced in May of 2005. Nebraska Pick 3 sales have exceeded $18 million and provided more than $4 million for Nebraska Lottery beneficiary funds. The odds of winning the Nebraska Pick 3 $600 top prize are 1 in 1,000 and the odds of winning any prize vary with the bet type selected. 

Published on 06/20/2017