Norfolk Man Wins $240,000 Playing Nebraska Pick 5

Todd Anderson Todd Anderson of Norfolk won $240,000 playing Nebraska Pick 5 from the Nebraska Lottery.

Stark purchased his winning Nebraska Pick 5 ticket at Hy-Vee Gas, Wine & Spirits, 310 East Norfolk Avenue in Norfolk. The five-play quick pick ticket contained one play with all five winning numbers (02, 07, 18, 22, 25) from the April 7 drawing for the $240,000 jackpot.

Three hundred and thirty Nebraska Lottery players have won the Nebraska Pick 5 jackpot to date.

While claiming his prize on April 11, Anderson told Nebraska Lottery officials that he learned a winning Nebraska Pick 5 ticket was sold in Norfolk after seeing a post from one of his friends on Facebook. He then had his ticket checked at a Lottery retailer. “After they ran it through, I was pretty surprised,” said Anderson. He plans to pay bills and take a vacation using his winnings.

Nebraska Pick 5 is Nebraska's unique Lottery game: all the proceeds from Nebraska Pick 5 stay in Nebraska, and all the winning tickets are sold in Nebraska at Nebraska Lottery Lotto game retailers. The odds of winning the Nebraska Pick 5 jackpot, which starts at $50,000 and grows by $4,000 each drawing that it is not won, are 1 in 501,942. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game, which has drawings six nights a week, are 1 in 8.

Published on 04/14/2016