Omaha Man Wins $5,001 Playing MyDaY

MyDaYDaniel Petersen of Omaha recently won a total of $5,001 playing MyDaY from the Nebraska Lottery.

There were more than 9,500 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Thursday, March 24 drawings. Among these winners was Petersen, who purchased his winning MyDaY ticket at Hy-Vee, 10808 Fort Street in Omaha. The two-play ticket was good for six draws and contained one play with the winning Month (5), Day (20) and Year (68) from the March 24 drawing for the $5,000 top prize.

The second play on the ticket matched the winning Month (8) from the March 28 drawing for $1, making Peterson’s total prize $5,001.

Four hundred and thirty-one Nebraska Lottery players have won the MyDaY top prize to date.

MyDaY is a Nebraska Lottery Lotto game with a calendar theme. Players can win up to $5,000 by choosing a six-digit date for each $1 MyDaY play. The odds of winning the $5,000 top prize in MyDaY are 1 in 36,525, while the odds of winning $1 are 1 in 13. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 8.17.

Published on 04/12/2016