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Nebraska Lottery and Saltdogs baseball, a perfect combination

If you ever find yourself taken out to a ball game, taken out to a crowd, and while you’re buying some peanuts and crackerjacks, you might also find a chance to play some Nebraska Lottery games.

Over at Haymarket Park in Lincoln—home of the Lincoln Saltdogs—tucked into the counter in the souvenir shop, you’ll discover one of the Nebraska Lottery’s most unique retailers.

Lottery sales are only available when the store is open, which means it’s not really operational during most of the day, but there are a few diehard Saltdogs and Nebraska Lottery fans who take the opportunity to play a few Scratch and Lotto games at the ballpark.

“We have Scratch tickets, a Lotto terminal, the whole shebang,” said Kaydra Brodine, Director of Promotions and Merchandise for the Saltdogs.

The Nebraska Lottery has been a long-time partner and sponsor of the Lincoln Saltdogs. Regulars to Haymarket Park might remember the seventh inning stretch promotion where one lucky row is chosen at random to receive free Scratch tickets. There’s also a promotion where if the Saltdogs score five runs by the fifth inning one section gets coupons for free Nebraska Pick 5 tickets.

Even if your section isn’t chosen as one of those lucky lottery winners, you’ve still got a chance to play Nebraska Lottery games right there at the ballpark.

Brodine said that compared to Saltdogs jerseys, miniature baseball bats and ball caps in the team store, Nebraska Lottery tickets aren’t exactly a huge seller. Sometimes they’ll sell $10 in lottery tickets, sometimes none, and once in a while they’ll get close to $50, but they do see a lot of familiar faces buying tickets, Brodine said.

Fireworks at Haymarket Park. Photo:

“I don’t think it’s necessarily the most popular thing, but we do have our regulars,” she said. “The big lottery players. Everybody who comes in pretty much knows what they’re doing.”

So, next time you’re spending a muggy summer night at the ballpark, sipping a cold beer, eating a Fairbury hot dog and posing for an obligatory selfie with Homer the Saltdogs’ mascot, why not try something new? The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd and the sound of a quarter rubbing off a Nebraska Lottery Scratch ticket. Ah, baseball.

Homer, the Saltdogs' mascot. Photo: Lincoln Saltdogs.

If you’d like to visit Haymarket Park, they’re located at 403 Line Drive Circle in Lincoln. You can buy tickets to upcoming Saltdogs games at

July 13, 2021

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