McCool Junction Woman Wins $30,000 Playing 5X Lucky

LaDeane Barber January 16, 2013 – LaDeane Barber of McCool Junction won $30,000 playing the $5 Scratch game 5X Lucky from the Nebraska Lottery.

Barber purchased her winning 5X Lucky ticket at Casey’s General Store, 115 East Nobes Road in York. Scratching the ticket, she revealed matching numbers in Row 12 for a corresponding prize of $30,000.

There are three $30,000 top prizes available in 5X Lucky. Barber is the first person to claim a top prize in the game.

While claiming her prize on January 2, Barber told Nebraska Lottery officials that she didn’t realize she had won the top prize at first. “I thought I’d won $300,” said Barber. “Then my husband said to make sure I had scratched it off completely.” She plans to pay bills using her winnings.

5X Lucky is a $5 Scratch game from the Nebraska Lottery that offers players the chance to win $1.2 million in cash prizes from $5 to $30,000. The odds of winning $30,000 playing 5X Lucky are 1 in 120,000, while the overall odds of winning any prize were 1 in 3.58.

Published on 01/16/2013