Gambling can be an enjoyable source of entertainment. However, for some people, it can lead to negative consequences. Learning about human behavior when we gamble will help most players avoid developing a serious addiction.

Gamble Only What You Can Lose

When You Gamble:

The best gambling advice is to stay within your budget and your time limit. Most of us gamble for entertainment. When we win, it’s a shot of feel-good hormones straight to our brains, and we want more of that feeling. Some people play away their winnings and spend more time than they planned, just to see if they can catch that charged feeling of winning.

Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

  1. You can’t stop gambling, even when it’s hurting you.
  2. You bet money you can’t afford to lose.
  3. You bet other people’s money.
  4. You steal to bet.
  5. Gambling is all you think about.
  6. Gambling is the main way you escape.
  7. Asking others to bail you out when you’ve gambled money away.
  8. Lying about the time and money you spend gambling.
  9. Gambling more after a loss to win back the loss.
  10. Gambling is killing your relationships.

Problem gamblers repeat this phrase more than any other, “I knew what was going to happen and I did it anyway. I can’t stop.”

If you’re concerned that you, or someone you know, has a gambling problem, free help is available.

If you decide you could use the help of confidential, professional counseling with a certified problem-gambling counselor, the State of Nebraska pays the full cost of counseling for Nebraskans and their families. Working with a trained counselor helped 92% of Nebraska clients reduce their gambling, and 78% reduced their gambling debt.

Since the Nebraska Lottery was established in 1993, over $21 million in Lottery proceeds has been provided to the Nebraska Problem Gamblers Assistance Program for treatment programs serving all 93 Nebraska counties.

Nebraska Lottery tickets are colorful and fun, but they’re not child’s play. Early involvement in gambling, including lottery tickets, can increase the risk of developing a gambling problem later in life.

When you’re giving lottery tickets as a gift, only give them to adults. By law, Nebraska Lottery tickets may only be purchased and redeemed by persons who are 19 or older.