Fall 2022 Lottery Times Available

Falll 2022 Lottery Times coverNote: the PDF file of the Fall 2022 Lottery Times contained an incorrect deadline for the Crossword Contest. This file has been updated to show the correct deadline of December 9.

The Fall 2022 issue of The Lottery Times, the publication for Nebraska Lottery players, is now available at Nebraska Lottery retailers and online at nelottery.com.

The Fall 2022 issue of The Lottery Times includes winners' information and articles on a wide array of other topics. Beginning with the new $30 30th Anniversary Jackpot Scratch game and ending with information on Lottery proceeds for education, the Times gives readers a complete look at the Nebraska Lottery. You can also enter the Crossword Contest for a chance to win up to $91 in Nebraska Lottery coupons.

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Printed copies of The Lottery Times are available at Nebraska Lottery retailers statewide, and can be requested by sending your name and mailing address to lottery@nelottery.com. Please mention “Lottery Times” in the subject line.

Published on 10/11/2022