Frosty Fun $15 Prize Issue

An issue has been identified with $15 prize payments on the new $5 Frosty Fun Scratch game.

Due to a programming error, certain winning Frosty Fun tickets reported an incorrect prize amount when validated. Players with tickets that should have won $15 plus a free Nebraska Pick 5 play were paid the $15 prize only. Thirty-one affected tickets were cashed before the issue was corrected on November 20.

If you did not receive a free Nebraska Pick 5 play with your $15 winning Frosty Fun ticket between November 16 and November 19, contact the Nebraska Lottery at 402-471-6100 or to receive coupons for free Nebraska Pick 5 plays. Please provide the retailer name and the approximate date and time the ticket was cashed for verification.

Published on 11/20/2020