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Husker Cruise Giveaway Rules

I.  Purpose

  1. To ensure that prizes awarded in the Nebraska Lottery’s Pick 5 Husker Cruise Giveaway Drawing are determined impartially and randomly.
  2. To ensure that the integrity of the Nebraska Lottery is maintained at all times.

II. Promotion Overview

  1. The Pick 5 Husker Cruise Giveaway is a promotion in which a player makes a minimum $5 Nebraska Pick 5 single-ticket purchase at a participating retail location between the promotional dates of November 27, 2011, and December 24, 2011 (officially 3:00 a.m. C.T. on December 25, 2011). In doing so, the player will receive a trailer voucher to fill out and mail in by the drawing deadline to be eligible for the chance to be selected as a prizewinner. Players may enter this drawing by placing a fully and legibly completed entry voucher into an envelope and mailing it to Pick 5 Husker Cruise Drawing, Nebraska Lottery, P.O. Box 98916, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-8916. Online entries will not be accepted in this contest. Neither hand-delivered nor web entries will be accepted for this promotion. The Nebraska Lottery will not accept entries at any of their claim centers. All entries must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. (C.T.), on Thursday, December 29, 2011. Entries received after this date and time are ineligible for the drawing and will be destroyed. 
  2. Valid entry vouchers will print with each $5 Nebraska Pick 5 single-ticket purchase. Tickets containing multiples of $5 will print subsequent entry vouchers. Each voucher entry must be in a separate sealed envelope. All entries with more than one entry voucher will be considered as one entry; however, multiple entries may be submitted together as provided in Section V (D) below. Eligible mail-in entries must be fully and legibly completed with the player’s name, mailing address, city, state, zip code, daytime telephone number and date of birth. Players may also choose to provide an evening phone number and email address.
  3. All participants and winners must be eligible to play the Nebraska Lottery and must otherwise comply with the State Lottery Act and the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Nebraska Lottery. By participating in this second-chance drawing, participants agree to be photographed and videotaped by the Nebraska Lottery and to have their images and non-confidential information about them used in any advertising, publicity, educational and promotional activities of the Nebraska Lottery. The Nebraska Lottery is not required to provide any additional consideration or remuneration for these activities.
  4. The Nebraska Lottery will hold a drawing on December 30, 2011. Entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. (C.T.) in the Nebraska Lottery office on Thursday, December 29, 2011. Entries not drawn will be destroyed. The odds of an entry being drawn are dependent on the number of eligible entries received. The Nebraska Lottery reserves the right to open the entries following the drawing date to obtain player information for statistical and other purposes. Although entries selected in the drawing will be reviewed to determine their compliance with the rules, other entries will not be examined. Drawing dates are subject to change without prior notice as may be deemed necessary or appropriate by the Nebraska Lottery. 
  5. The Nebraska Lottery is not responsible for any delays due to the mail, or for any winning ticket claims or other correspondence sent to the second-chance drawing address. Entries that are lost, late, illegible, incomplete, misdirected or incompletely received (including by reason of technical malfunction, network congestion or system incompatibility) are not eligible. An individual entrant may only be selected once to be a prizewinner.
  6. Promotion rules and procedures are subject to change as deemed necessary or appropriate by the Lottery Director without additional or prior public notice. 
  7. Void where prohibited.

III. Prizes

  1. A drawing will be held on December 30, 2011. At this drawing, the Nebraska Lottery will select three (3) grand prize winners, who will each win a Husker Cruise package valid for four (4) people, plus a cash prize.
  2. The Nebraska Lottery will calculate taxes and withholding costs based on the total value of the prize and remit payment on each winner’s behalf.  The cash prize awarded to the prizewinners is solely intended for trip expenses.
  3. All prizes must be confirmed by drawing winners to the Nebraska Lottery after the drawings or they will be forfeited and become unclaimed prizes.
  4. Neither the Nebraska Lottery nor its vendors or suppliers are liable for any delays which result from acts of God, earthquake, fire, flood, other natural disaster, public enemy, explosion, epidemic, quarantine, strikes, freight embargoes, closure of all major access roads to a geographic region, weather or other causes beyond the control of the Nebraska Lottery or its agents.

IV. Drawing Dates, Times and Locations

The prize drawing will take place on the date indicated in Section II (D) above at the Nebraska Lottery headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. If all entries do not fit within the drawings container, the Lottery Drawing Manager will divide the entries received evenly by weight into bags. Immediately prior to the draw, an equal number, by weight, of entries will be withdrawn from each bag until the drawings container has approximately 125 pounds of entries; however, the drawings container shall not be filled more than half full. A drawing for the three (3) prizewinners will take place immediately after the drawings container is filled and locked.  The drawn prizewinners will be contacted by the Drawing Manager and will be announced through the Nebraska Lottery's public relations office. 

V.  Eligibility

  1. An entry voucher from a minimum $5 Nebraska Pick 5 ticket purchased during the promotional dates of November 27, 2011, through December 24, 2011, which has been duly issued, is delivered by mail in a single envelope to the Nebraska Lottery and received prior to 5:00 p.m. (C.T.) on Thursday, December 29, 2011, is eligible for the drawing. Hand-delivered entries will not be accepted. The Nebraska Lottery will not accept entries at any of their claim centers.
  2. To be eligible for the Pick 5 Husker Cruise Giveaway Drawing, entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. (C.T.) on Thursday, December 29, 2011, at Nebraska Lottery Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, by mail to the indicated Post Office box. Entries not drawn will be destroyed. Any entries received after the 5:00 p.m. drawing deadline will be destroyed. Although entries selected in the drawings will be reviewed to determine their compliance with the rules, other entries not drawn will not be examined to determine whether they are winning tickets.
  3. An individual entrant may only be selected once to be a prizewinner. Three total prizewinners will be selected and the prizes will be awarded in the order the winner’s names are drawn.
  4. Entries are eligible for one drawing only, but players may submit multiple entries. Multiple entries may be mailed together in a larger envelope, provided that each individual entry envelope includes one entry voucher.  In such case, individual entries must be placed in a single, sealed envelope with the included entry voucher completely filled out, and the larger envelope must be clearly marked “Multiple Entries Enclosed.” Envelopes containing multiple entries but not marked “Multiple Entries Enclosed” will not be opened so that their contents may be entered individually in the drawing. 
  5. Promotion participants must be 19 years of age or older to play and to be eligible for a prize. Employees of the Nebraska Lottery, its contractors, subcontractors and members of their immediate families residing in the same household are ineligible.
  6. Attempts will be made by the Drawing Manager or his or her designee to contact each of the semifinalists by telephone and/or certified mail. The Drawing Manager may utilize alternative methods to contact the semifinalists at the Drawing Manager’s discretion, including by email.
  7. Only one entry is allowed for each envelope received. If more than one (1) entry is contained in an envelope, it will be counted as a single entry except as provided in Section D above.
  8. All entries must otherwise comply with the State Lottery Act and Lottery rules, regulations, policies, procedures and all applicable forms and publications.
  9. The Lottery is not responsible for lost, stolen, misdelivered, damaged, illegible or incompletely received tickets or claim forms.

VI. Handling and Storage of Entries

  1. Entries will be collected by a member of the Marketing Staff of the Nebraska Lottery and secured by the Drawing Manager.
  2. Entries will be processed and stored in a secured area at the Nebraska Lottery or at a designated area for Nebraska Lottery use at the GTECH warehouse at 4700 Bair Avenue in Lincoln. To the extent possible, processing will include eliminating trash and other items that may have been deposited in the Nebraska Lottery drawings container and Post Office box, and checking to make sure that Pick 5 Husker Cruise Giveaway entries have not been accidentally mixed with other second-chance drawing envelopes or with prize claim envelopes.
  3. The Drawing Manager will supervise transport of the entries to the drawing site.
  4. Entries not drawn and which are received after the final draw date will be destroyed. 

VII. Drawing Preparations

    1. Supplies


      1. Drawings container.
      2. Camcorder with an audio track to record drawing.
      3. Appropriate form(s).
      4. Drawing Manager Program.
      5. Finalist envelope.
      6. All eligible entries.
      7. Plastic bags.
      8. Calibrated scale.
      9. Static Guard spray.
      1. Personnel


        1. The drawing team will consist minimally of a Drawing Manager, an Entry Drawer and the Systems Auditor or a member of the Lottery Security Section. The Entry Drawer can be any person, including a Nebraska Lottery employee. The Entry Drawer must be someone who has not entered an entry in their name into the drawing and may not claim winnings should an entry bearing his or her name be drawn. No one person may participate in more than one role during a drawing, although each member of the drawing team may assist other members in their functions. Additional Lottery-approved staff may be included to assist the drawing team.
          1. Drawing Manager will be responsible for the following duties:
            1. Process mail, including securing in plastic bags.
            2. Ensure all necessary equipment and supplies are available and in good working order.
            3. Ensure all required personnel are present, briefed and prepared to conduct the drawing.
            4. Ensure all required documents and forms are completed in a timely manner.
            5. Supervise all aspects of the drawing process, including set-up and take-down of equipment and all drawing(s) (as appropriate).
            6. Supervise staff in drawing assignments.
            7. If initial draws are necessary, separate the entries into plastic bags evenly by weight.
            8. Ensure initial and final drawings are videotaped with an audio track for Lottery security purposes.
            9. Halt the drawing if anything improper is observed.
            10. Approve continuation of the drawing once the observed problem is corrected.
            11. Examine each drawn entry, in cooperation with other members of the drawing team, to ensure it is valid and eligible.
            12. Secure each drawn entry.
            13. Notify winners and certify their identity and eligibility.
            14. Prepare and certify a list of all winners.
            15. Designate these duties or obtain the services of additional Nebraska Lottery personnel as needed or desired.
          1. Entry Drawer will have the following responsibilities:
            1. Inspect equipment to satisfaction that the drawing is random.
            2. Participate in all drawings.
            3. Draw the designated number of entries from the drawing drum, handing each to the Drawing Manager.
            4. Observe the Drawing Manager record the name, address, phone number, and number of the ticket for a drawn entry in the appropriate place on the Drawing Winners Form for every entry drawn.
            5. Sign a form certifying the above steps have been followed for the drawing(s) in which he or she participated.
          1. The Systems Auditor or a Member of the Security Section will have the following responsibilities: 
            1. Witness the drawing.
            2. Sign a form certifying that to the best of their knowledge all steps have been followed for the drawing(s) which he or she witnessed.

      VIII.    Drawing Procedures

      1. The Drawing Manager will ensure that all entries that have been properly submitted by the deadline are available for the drawing.
      2. The Drawing Manager will notify drawing team members and other participating persons of the time designated to assemble at the drawing site.
      3. The Drawing Manager will arrange for transportation of entries and drawing equipment to the drawing site.
      4. At the time designated, the drawing team will assemble to set up and inspect equipment.  The Drawing Manager will ensure that all equipment is available and in good working condition.
      5. Prior to any initial drawing, the Drawing Manager will brief and prepare the Drawing Team, explaining the drawing procedures. After the drawings container drum has been filled with up to 125 pounds of entries (except that the drawings container shall not be filled more than half full), the Drawings Container will be rotated ten (10) times, and the Drawing Manager will instruct the Entry Drawer to reach into the drum and select one of the entries.
      6. Depending on the number of entries submitted, the drawing may be held in multiple steps.  If the number of entries is less than 125 pounds, one drawing for the winning entries will be held following procedures outlined below, skipping paragraphs I, J and K.
      7. If the number of entries exceeds 125 pounds, a number of initial drawings will be held to draw the entries that will be included in the preliminary prize drawings.
      8. Prior to beginning the drawing process, the Drawing Manager will ensure that a video camera is positioned to tape all drawing activities. At the beginning of the videotaping, the date and time of the drawing should be indicated. Each preliminary drawing will be taped from just prior to the mixing of the entries in the plastic bags or rotation of the drum until after all entries have been drawn.  Recording may be paused between drawings.
      9. For each preliminary drawing, if initial drawings are necessary, the entries will be thoroughly mixed within equally weighted plastic bags. The Drawing Manager will request that the Entry Drawer draw an equal number of entries, determined by weight, from each bag until the drawings container holds 125 pounds of entries; however, the drawings container shall not be filled more than half full. The Entry Drawer will hand the drawn entries to the Drawing Manager, who will weigh them and then place them in the drawings container for the final drawing. The number of entries to be drawn from each bag will depend on the total number of entries received and number of entries required to fill the drawings container to 125 pounds to a maximum of one-half full.
      10. All entries not chosen in the initial drawing will be placed and sealed in plastic bags immediately after the preliminary drawing is completed to ensure that they are not intermixed with those either selected for the preliminary drawing, or those entries for previous or subsequent drawings. The Drawing Manager will ensure the placement of the entries in the plastic bags and sealing of the plastic bags.
      11. After all preliminary drawings have been completed and all non-selected entries are securely sealed in plastic bags, the final drawing may commence.
      12. At the designated time of the final drawing, the drawings container will be rotated ten (10) times.
      13. A single entry will be withdrawn from the container by the Entry Drawer. The entry drawn will be examined by the drawing team to ensure it qualifies according to these guidelines and that it is properly filled out. If the drawing team determines the entry valid at this point, the Drawing Manager will secure the entry, date and mark it as a Pick Husker Cruise Giveaway prizewinner.
      14. Steps L and M will be repeated until three (3) eligible entries per drawing are chosen as Pick 5 Husker Cruise Giveaway prizewinners.
      15. After the three (3) preliminary prizewinners have been selected and determined initially valid and eligible, the Drawing Manager will contact the individuals designated on the entries. Pick 5 Husker Cruise Giveaway prizewinners must provide their Social Security Number and other personal identification to be finally determined as a Pick 5 Husker Cruise Giveaway prizewinner. The Drawing Manager will prepare and certify a finalist winner list.
      16. After the drawing is completed, the equipment will be secured and all non-winning entries will be placed and sealed in plastic bags.
      17. The Drawing Manager may alter the timing of any step of the drawing, or pause any drawing activity, to accommodate television or other media coverage or to ensure the security and integrity of the drawing.

      IX. Awarding of Prizes

      1. The prizes, less any delinquent taxes and delinquent child support payments, will be awarded in accordance with Prize Giveaway procedures to the appropriate individual winning entrants after they provide valid and sufficient personal identification proving their identity as the winner and after they complete a Nebraska Lottery Winner Claim Form.
      2. The Accounting Supervisor will ensure that all applicable Lottery forms are completed by winners before warrants are issued.

      X.  Resolution of Improprieties or Irregularities

      1. At any time during the drawing, any member of the drawing team may require the Drawing Manager to bring the drawing to an immediate, temporary halt if they observe any incident that jeopardizes the validity or integrity of the drawing.
      2. Immediately after any such temporary halt, the drawing team will confer to determine an appropriate course of action. If there is agreement among the parties as to a particular course of action, that course of action will be taken.
      3. If there is no agreement, the parties will review the videotape. If there is agreement among the drawing team members after viewing the tape as to a particular course of action, that course of action will be taken.
      4. If there is no agreement among the drawing team members, the course of action will be determined by the Drawing Manager.

      Published on 11/15/2011