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Two MyDaY wins in three days for Fremont player

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Hitting the $5,000 MyDaY top prize is hard enough. Hitting it twice in three days is pretty incredible.

That’s what happened when one lucky player matched all three MyDaY numbers on March 30 and then did it again on April 1.

MyDaY is the Nebraska Lottery’s calendar-themed game where players choose a day, a month and a year. On Monday, March 30, the player played the date 02, 28, 79 which matched that night’s drawing, winning $5,000. On Wednesday, April 1, they matched the date 02, 28, 11 and won another $5,000.

Their tickets were purchased at Baker’s Fuel Mart at 1615 North Bell Street in Fremont.

The player—who asked that we didn’t use their name—said they’ve been playing for years, using the same numbers.  They play $15 worth each day using family birthdays.

The two wins were the birth dates of one of their daughters and one of their granddaughters.

“It was unbelievable,” the winner said. “What are the chances? The odds are astronomical.”

The player listens to the Nebraska Lottery’s Winner’s Hotline every morning for the numbers. When the recording announced the first set of numbers, there was a bit of a delay before they checked the ticket. When the numbers on April 1 were announce, saying there was a winner in Fremont, they said they knew it was their winning ticket.

The winner is planning on using the winnings to pay off some bills. As for the future, they’re planning on playing the same numbers.

“I’ll keep playing,” they said. “There’s lots of other numbers yet.”

MyDaY is a $1 Lotto game offering prizes ranging from $1 up to the top prize of $5,000. Odds of winning any prize are 1 in 8.17 and the odds of winning $5,000 are one in 36,525.

April 7, 2020

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