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Egg hunt leads to $1,000 Scratch prize for college student

Thanks to an early Easter celebration and one of his grandmother’s strict rules, Dylan Brockhaus is now $1,000 richer.


Dylan was drove back home to Nebraska from Lawrence, Kansas—where he’s a student at University of Kansas—for spring break to spend an early Easter with his family, as he does every year.

In addition to the ham-centric meal and family time, there’s another mandatory tradition that must be honored, Dylan said.

“Grandma has a rule,” he said. “Until we’re married, we have to hunt for Easter eggs.”

Twenty-year-old Dylan diligently lined up to search the yard for brightly colored eggs, hidden by married family members playing the part of the Easter Bunny.

Dylan spotted the lucky golden egg and snagged it first. When he opened it up, he discovered that his aunt had filled it with a few Nebraska Lottery Scratch tickets.

He scratched off the Big $10 Super Ticket and, much to everyone’s disbelief, he wound up winning $1,000.

Dylan stopped into the Nebraska Lottery offices on April 16 to claim his prize just before heading back to college.

“It was a pretty good Easter,” he said.

April 19, 2019

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