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Same Place, Same Game, Same Prize

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On February 5, Terry Rittenhouse won $1,000 playing the Lucky Symbols Loteria Scratch ticket he’d bought at the U-Stop in Hickman. On March 6, he did it again. Same game, same prize, same store, almost exactly a month apart.

Terry’s a regular Nebraska Lottery player. He likes to play Scratch and Lotto games and he’s won some pretty decent prizes. He’s had six $100 2by2 wins, a $450 Pick 5 win and a few other Lotto wins scattered in. He’s hit a few good prizes playing Scratch games, but his $1,000 win in February was his biggest.

“I play them all every day,” he said. “I’ve been playing for 25 years.”

Terry said he usually goes into U-Stop and plays $3 crossword Scratch games until he wins, then moves onto other $3 tickets—this time Lucky Symbols Loteria—and when he wins something he moves onto playing $5 and $10 games.

He said he doesn’t spend too much money playing and, thanks to his first big win, he’s way ahead for the year.

With his first win, he planned on using $700 to pay off a credit card and playing Scratch games with the rest of it. With his identical win, he’s planning to do the same thing again.

Lightning struck twice for Terry, and he’s going to see if he can continue the streak.

“I’ll keep playing at the same place,” he said. “Why not?”

Lucky Symbols Loteria

As a $3 Scratch game, Lucky Symbols Loteria offers players a chance to win prizes from $3 to $35,000. The chances of winning $35,000 are one in 200,000, while the odds of winning any prize are one in 3.76.

March 7, 2019

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