Nebraska Lottery Launches Scam Awareness Campaign
Brochure (PDF)
Protect yourself from lottery scams

October 4, 2012 – In an effort to prevent Nebraskans from becoming victims of scammers, the Nebraska Lottery is launching a comprehensive campaign to educate the public about the dangers of lottery scams.

The Nebraska Lottery has set up a new website,, with information consumers can use to identify a lottery scam before they hand over any personal information. Additionally, the Lottery has developed public service announcements for radio and television, and a brochure available at Lottery retailers, that contain valuable tips for dealing with lottery scams.

“Scam artists are always trying to take advantage of the unsuspecting, and we are regularly contacted by players who have been approached by individuals claiming to work for the Nebraska Lottery or other legitimate lottery organizations,” said Jim Haynes, Nebraska Lottery Director. “Our goal for this campaign is to help Nebraskans recognize a lottery scam before they hand over any cash or financial details. Prevention is very important, because it’s difficult to track down the criminals after they have your information.”

Haynes stated that there are four main points to remember if you are presented with a suspicious lottery offer:

  • The Lottery would never charge you to get your prize;
  • A Lottery official would never personally contact you about winning a jackpot;
  • A Lottery official would never ask you for money up front; and
  • There’s no way to win a Lottery prize if you didn’t play a Lottery game.

“Claiming a Nebraska Lottery prize is not complicated and doesn’t require a fee,” said Haynes. “A third party is not needed, and we do not contact individuals who have not entered a contest or purchased a ticket.”

Anyone who receives a questionable phone call, email or mailing, or notices a suspicious website, is encouraged to contact Nebraska Lottery Security at 800-587-5200.

Information on claiming Nebraska Lottery prizes can be found at Nebraska Lottery retailers, and on the Nebraska Lottery website,